Here I am, heading off to Georgia with trailer in tow behind my truck!

Why Georgia


I finally met Carol Buckley, Founder of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and Elephant Aid International, in Nepal at one of her elephant footcare workshops.

I had been following her, mostly after she was no longer at her sanctuary due to a hostile corporate take over and a radical change in elephant welfare management. After picking herself up off the ground, her friends sent her to Asia in hopes she could offer her expertise there. She travelled through India, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam experiencing the plight of the captive wild elephant population as well as the rapidly emerging and devastating human-elephant conflict with wild elephants. She developed programs and trainings for compassionate care, pedicures for elephants as well as creating chain free corals so elephants could live a slightly freer life.

After 7 yrs, she made the decision to start another elephant refuge here in the states, Elephant Refuge North America. While I was in Nepal, the land was under contract though Carol would not divulge the whereabouts. Upon returning to the states, I contacted Carol and asked if I could join her at the refuge to assist in its creation. She said yes and I was given the location to pursue my next move. In 2 months, my house was rented and we, Toisan and I, were off to Attapulgus Georgia……

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