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About Gigi

“To thine own self be true.”

Gigi Gaulin

It wasn’t very long ago that the idea of me ‘doing art’ was nowhere to be found in my consciousness. In my family, intellect was the only “smart way” to go, so I became a doctor. I was scared of museums and galleries because I really didn’t seem to understand art; I didn’t study it. I was afraid to be asked my opinion because I was sure that everyone else knew what art was and wasn’t, and I did not. I still may not know what art is and isn’t, but I do know what moves me, what excites me, what resonates! I believe art has no map to follow; it is a process, as is anything else, and needs time and space to unfold and be expressed. I invite you to join me in my process as the uniqueness of who I am unfolds and is expressed through and with the natural mediums that surround us. Thank you.

Video: Gigi Gaulin, Metal Sculptress

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